Upcoming NASCAR Heat Racing League Events
Series Last Race Race Winner Points Leader Next Race Race Date
NWD Charlotte Hammer Hammer Daytona TBA
CUP Michigan lepage71 DaveO TBA TBA
TRK Sonoma 2012 kyle lepage71 TBA TBA
Santa's Coming to Town, Holiday Derby Set
Sunday, December 15, 2013
lepage71 - It's the holiday season and the NASCAR Heat Racing League has responded with a celebratory bash to close out the annual calendar. Only, this celebration really IS a literal bash. Yes, we're talking about Derby, Part III. A pack of twisted drivers will be loading up the NBS Mod and heading to the hallowed walls of Martinsville in a grudge match of survival and self-servingness. As we have come to expect, the fearful and meek will be skipping this race, hiding under their moistened bed covers in a vein and desperate hope that Santa will soon deliver some modicum of future courage. For those with the mettle, however, that means 100 laps of no rules racing. The festivities will take place in the NHRL server on Saturday, December 21 at 10:45 PM Eastern Time. The event is open to just about everyone, including non-league-members and any two-bit hustler donning a Santa suit. Skip this event, and you'll be missing a chance to make history. Rated 5/5 (3 votes).
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League Announces 2013-14 CTS Series
Saturday, September 7, 2013
lepage71 - Yes, the trucks of bover907's NHRLTS mod are thundering back into town. The league is excited to announce the official schedule for the 2013-14 NHRL CTS Series. Like last season, the CTS Series contains a full schedule of 12 races. Unlike last year, 10 of the tracks are different and each event will be slightly longer, on average. As a result, strategies at many familiar course classifications may need overhauling. The end result can only mean more unpredictability and intrigue. We'll also be introducing two new tracks to the NHRL rota: G3-Miami SP and Sonoma 2012. Based on last season, we expect another diverse cast of characters and a fantastic level of competition. And with several new teams in the mix, who knows for sure what might happen. If you're interested in participating in the CTS Series, please head over to our forum and reserve your number in the signup thread. Rated 4.8/5 (3 votes).
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DaveO Retains NHRL CUP Series Title in 2013
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
lepage71 - Sensing a pattern? In 2012, DaveO won 8 races and topped teammate lepage71 for the CUP Series title. He wrote a similar storyline in 2013, reaching victory lane 8 times and topping...well, you can figure out the rest. It was a remarkable season, as Dave qualified on 7 poles and led 563 laps. Although he trailed in the wins category (3), lepage finished just 65 points behind Dave thanks to similar consistency. Between them, the NHRL Racing duo hogged 19 of the 24 1st- and 2nd-place finishes. Their team dominance belied a close competition deeper in the ranks. In a twist, 2nd through 5th in the standings went to the same drivers, in the same order, as the NBS Series. Rookiesrock contended every week, ending up 3rd, but remains mired in a victory slump. bover907 and cruisectrl built on their strong NBS campaigns, scoring 6 top-5s apiece. In 2014, the series will greet not just a new mod from bover, but also a new team that includes bover. However, many are dubious that this team will actually write a news release to tell us about it. Rated 5/5 (2 votes).
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Hammer Earns First Championship, NBS Series Crown
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
lepage71 - What a season! Prior to the start of the 2013 campaign, Hammer had recorded a respectable two career victories in the NBS Series. His success would reach a whole new level in 2013, as he not only took the championship, but also scored 6 victories along the way. In doing so, he provided a fine swan song for Hammer Racing Industries and broke the recent NHRL Racing strangehold on titles. In the end, Hammer bested top pursuer lepage71 (4 wins) with a margin of 58 points (1872-1814). He also has the distinction of being the final champion of the original NBS mod, as the series will adopt a new car model starting in 2014. Other drivers contributed to a fantastic season. Rookiesrock claimed the 3rd standings position on the strength of 10 top-5 finishes. Although still pursuing that elusive win, bover907 had his finest league performance (4th), collecting 9 top-5s. And not to be forgotten, cruisectrl rounded out the top-5. He topped his 11th-place finish in CTS, his first-ever league series. Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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CUP Series Competition Returning to NHRL
Saturday, April 20, 2013
lepage71 - Saturday night competition will be returning shortly to the NASCAR Heat Racing League! And a whole bunch of drama will be coming along with it. The 2013 CUP Series campaign is set to begin at the conclusion of the current NBS Series season. But the wait will not be long. The series kicks off at Charlotte on May 18, just 24 hours after the final Friday night NBS event at Charlotte. The double header weekend establishes a compelling tone for the rest of the season. The CUP Series schedule builds on the league-wide changes announced earlier in the season, visiting a host of courses not selected for the NBS season. The variety of tracks is striking, with MP Pocono, Sears Point, and Brickyard returning for the first time in years. League veterans, new members, and rookies will alike mix it up in a veritable melting pot. So quit your waiting, and go register on the forum already! Rated 5/5 (1 vote).
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